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Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals

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Anchors aweigh at Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals. Embark on an immersive experience where luxury and adventure merge into a unique maritime journey on Lake Union, Seattle.

Lux provides the vessel for you to see, feel, and fully immerse yourself in Seattle. We’re a beacon of leisure, navigating tranquil harbor waters year-round, rain or shine; merging relaxation with exploration in an entirely new way.

Our fleet is not just an assembly of boats; they are elegantly designed floating spas, that allow you to chart a course in luxury hot tub experiences. With our meticulously crafted vessels, we invite you to embark on a journey of indulgence, experiencing Seattle’s aquatic beauty like never before.

Join us at Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals, and become a part of our community of maritime explorers, united by a shared love of the harbor and the allure of the hot tub boat. Come aboard and chart your own course in aquatic leisure, no matter the weather.


Navigating through the tranquil waters of Lake Union in a luxurious hot tub boat was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Lux team made sure every detail was perfect. I can't recommend them enough!

Sarah T.

Rain or shine, Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals always delivers a unique and memorable journey. Their attention to comfort, safety, and fun transformed a simple boat trip into an unforgettable adventure.

Alex D.

The magic of Seattle from a hot tub boat – nothing quite like it! Lux makes it possible with their great service and beautiful, well-maintained boats. We've made lasting memories aboard, and already planning our next trip!

Noah J.

Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals redefines relaxation! There's something incredibly soothing about soaking in warm water while gliding through the beautiful Lake Union. Even in the rain, the experience was nothing short of magical. Can't wait for my next voyage!

Jessica P.

Renting a hot tub boat from Lux was the highlight of our trip to Seattle! Their vessels are top-notch, and the staff is helpful and friendly. We had an amazing time exploring the harbor, all while enjoying the comfort of a hot tub. An absolute must-do experience!

Mark and Lisa R.

Who knew you could combine a boat ride and a hot tub into one amazing experience? Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals, that's who! The unique blend of adventure and relaxation they offer is unmatched. Definitely an experience I'll never forget.

Caleb H.

Rain or shine, Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals provided us with a phenomenal time on Lake Union. Warm water, beautiful views, and great company - it was a trip to remember! Thank you Lux for making our day so special.

Lily M.

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Dreaming of an aquatic adventure that marries relaxation with breathtaking sights? Lux Hot Tub Boat Rentals is ready to make those dreams a reality!

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